Cold Concrete



Moving through this life my world was sound,

I woke from a sweet dream with no house, no ease, no future.

I would sooner be right in the hands of death itself,

Than up there screaming and hopeless in exile on a street.


All comfort and safety seem far from me.

All that remains is myself and the danger of the city...​



Verse 1


My bag is full to the brim,

Clothes, a towel, and a toothbrush.

I bid farewell to civilisation,

My new dear friend is wilderness.

Now the street is my new dwelling,

The street lamps are my portion.

Terror strikes my inner organs,

I am an exile without a course.

My eyes are darting in all places,

I cannot see any swift resolution.

Where to find food and clean water?

This is what my mind is consumed by.

Looking at me are the people on the road,

"What destitute man is coming now?'

I am a doomed one with no value at all,

nor documents of recognition.



I lie down on the cold concrete,

(Late in the night)

Without walls without warmth without wealth,

(dangerous work)

Without news of when it will end,,

(There are no signs of hope)

It is dark in the big city,

Shall I even carry on?

Verse 2

I was cut from the pure people,

I am now a leper with no renown.

From me was taken my white cloak,

My disposition is totally lost.

I am now with the benches,

With the cold rain of winter.

I am a tree subject to hard winds,

Leaves are being pulled out of me.

I am a statue which is eternally lost,

A dolmen of the day.

My senses are grey now,

Where is the favor of God?

The man is moving past me

Without paying any attention.

I am condemned with no king or queen,

No sign of a fast-acting angel.


Verse​ 3


The concrete is cold today,

I have a dead pain in my mind,

I am crushed and exhausted,

Only the devil is on my side.

A small invisible cell,

Binds my feet from every corner.

I am walking without respite,

Will I ever get a rest?

I have no care for the news,

Nor the important matters of the age,

I take an interest only in a place of hope,

I need a sanctuary of quiet.

The trees are shaking,

The sky is assailing me.

There is a dull stormy pain,

The cold concrete is my hardship.






I am an exile now,

A ghost of the night,

Condemned to the concrete.

I am lost and without product.




We are all playing a game,

In which the one who falls...


(Is put down into the fires of hell)




Verse 1 


So far away from the face of your terrorist

That’s good news

That’s great to hear.


There is still pain in your paths

And he lives there 

In a dark place in your heart.


So scared

So long 

Your nerves are on fire 

Your lovely limbs are suffocated.


Verse 2 


Through the pain of a thousand demons

You were moving with strength

To the step of light.


The voice of the night is deathly cold

Ruthlessly freezing

Process of death.



Under control of the tree of fear 

Each person 

Is a ghost

‘Shall I stay alive anyway?’



Your terrorist 

Is losing his strength on the large ocean

And escaping you 

You will live yet my dear.


I feel like something is coming out of me 


But I don’t know what 


But can I carry on with this


With this life


I don’t know 

Verse 3 


You are now free from knives 

And from mosquitos

Who were plundering your flesh.


But you are still pursued by wolves

Who have plunged their roots deep 

In the abyss of your hands.



The images

You have witnessed 

It’s not clear

‘Why is there no respite here?





Despite that 

you paid me 

no attention at all.


You are a prayer 

in the dark 

of the night.


In the night 

Last night

When the stars showed.


To me given 

was knowledge of you

My dear.


And it was said 

However hard 

Is your path.


There is sense it in

There is meaning to it

There is a road and a plan.

Your strength is more

Inside you 

Than this distraction that you face.

Your mind 

Is a diamond,

My Dear.




You create wings that bring you through the sky,

You swim on radio-waves to strangers of the abyss.

You project your eyes onto the skies at your ease,

You carve your name on the ether.



Watch your skin 

your mouth

and the valleys.

Your senses

the ground

the stars 

and your bones.


Because friend

Without soul

We are lost

Without soul

We are dead

Without soul….


(We are jealous of you)

Verse 1


Will there be touch

hand to hand?


Will there be the sport

of two lovers?


Will the eye 

still be on the sky?


Bright colours 

glistening on the grass?


Will there be taste

on the lips of your lover?


The sweetness of honey

between a man and a woman?


Will there be the forest

and the brown leaf?


The birds of the summer

surpassed by nothing?




How well you have developed

Down on the grounds of earth.

But do not lose

What was made in you:

The things that make you human.



It is pulling me in:

This digital world here.

It’s lights are so beautiful

I don’t think I will ever leave.



Will there be the view 

through the valleys still?


Beautiful winding rivers,

the lowing of cattle?


Will there be hot food

and cool water?


Gusts of wind

through the country outside?


Will there be flutes

and the pedal harp?


Will the bass-line

thunder under the voice?


Will there be the cold

in the dark winter?


The heat of the summer

and the autumn that follows?




Oh how I adore my senses

The lights of the world

Breaking into them.


My nerves


Like stars.


Me the angel

Me the animal.


Poor Child 

Verse 1  


There is a lighthouse  ahead

The white shore

And you will survive

Another night, child.


Your clothes are drenched

Your arms are bruised

But there is hope

In the eyes of your parents.




Poor child,

You are tired

With blood on your foot

You are on dry land.


You will be safe tonight

You will have food and water

You have done nothing wrong

The waves are gone now.


Verse 2

From this time on

There are no explosions

And the sound of the gun  

Is far away now, child..


This is your new land

After a long journey

I am sorry that you are not given

The hundred thousand welcomes.   






Irish Language Music 

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